Awards to our Educational Project "Firefly Project"

Focused on the personalization of learning, our EP brings the students to the centre and enriches their lives’ project.
The involvement of the entire educational community in the EP has been awarded in this course 20-21:
1) With an ERASMUS + ACCREDITATION: The SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education) has evaluated our Erasmus Plan, which will donate financial support to all the international projects in English, German and French, and to the diffe rent teacher training courses (Job-Shadowings).
2) R-APS !: The Department of Education of Catalonia has awarded R-APS! As an innovative project. It has positively valued the interaction of students and teachers of the different stages of the centre, working in teams the different objectives and competences, which follow the European standards.
Congratulations to ALL!

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