Keeping the Legacy Alive

Erasmus+ “Keeping the Legacy Alive” virtual exchange.

Between the 19th and the 23rd of April, Safa school took part on the second virtual Erasmus exchange, this time in London. Students from 4th and 5th grade participated in the Erasmus+ “Keeping the Legacy Alive” project joining in online games, videos, creating games, and virtual meetings along with pupils from the United Kingdom, Italy and Greece.
During this week, 5th graders got the chance to connect with English students and share their interests and doubts. They were thrilled to know more about them, and they shared how they live the current situation with coronavirus. They were surprised to know that English pupils don’t have to wear masks in class and they don’t have a night curfew as we do!
4th graders also connected with English students via email. They sent each other messages and they asked a lot of questions to get to know a little bit more about them. They asked each other about their favourite sports and teams, about the school, their cities, and important monuments, etc. They got the chance to practice with real children and have a live response. Our pupils were really curious about the English culture and their interests.
Related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games 4th graders got the chance to create a game from scratch. Along with 4th graders from England they had to create a sport with their rules, point system, equipment, boundaries, etc. Once their sport was created they had to choose the ability they used the most in the game and make it for people who were not able, creating a Paralympic game. They used their imagination while being inclusive of the participants’ abilities.
Teachers also got the chance to observe four classes via video where they could see a French class, a phonics class, a physical education class, and an online art class. They analyzed other teacher’s lessons by stating their strengths and areas of development, cross-curricular links, differentiation, and learning objectives. This helped both our teachers and the English teachers to focus on improving their own lessons and continue achieving greater success every time.
Students and teachers have enjoyed this week and they’ve all learned about each other and their culture. It was an excellent way to end this two-year project with England, Greece, and Italy where both teachers and pupils have learned about each others’ culture and sports history, and teachers have improved their teaching skills and techniques!

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