Erasmus Days

On 15th and 16th October, the school organized, for the second consecutive year, the Erasmus days.
Erasmus days are days where we share the Erasmus+ that we are currently doing at our school with the whole community, students, teachers, families and the school surroundings. This year, due to the Covid-19, this promotion has been carried out electronically, with crafts, interviews, Kahoots, Geniallys, surveys, podcasts and video calls. It was a success!
This time, the Erasmus days were focused on the two Erasmus+ that are currently taking place at our school and on the interview done by the 1st of ESO students to the international project expert and friend, who has been on various projects with us for many years, Marisa Badini (eTwinning and Erasmus facilitator, from Piacenza, Italy).
The two Erasmus+ we are currently carrying out at the school are ‘“Keeping the Legacy Alive” in Cicle Mitjà and “Science Olympics” in 6th and 1st and 2nd of ESO. The students of Cicle Superior created different questions related with these projects and with European culture and the countries that are part of the two projects. These questions were shared and we created two online challenges with the Kahoot and Genially platform. Students from all primary and secondary levels could play in these contests. They loved being able to demonstrate their knowledge and learn more about the projects and the European culture around us.
Infantil students were also able to take part in the celebration and learn about European culture. They learned which countries were involved in the school’s projects. They got to know the European flag and they painted a bracelet about the European Union.
Secondary students from Erasmus Safa Ràdio created several interviews for those teachers who have been able to participate and experienced Erasmus+ projects firsthand, both in the welcoming of teachers and students and in the exchanges. Teachers shared their experiences, their learnings and how they had implemented this new knowledge within the classroom. These students have also recorded a podcast to promote Erasmus Days and school community participation.
Furthermore, we were able to do a video call with an Italian teacher, Marisa Badini, who has been with us in a lot of Erasmus+ projects, and who has a long journey in the participation and management of Erasmus+ projects. She has also helped us from the beginning getting involved in these projects; projects that have helped us in the internationalization of our school and the promotion of language learning, creating competent and respectful students sensitive towards other cultures.
Lastly, families were able to participate in a questionnaire, and we were able to observe the promotion of Erasmus+ and their knowledge of the different projects that are being carried out at our school. 64 families took part in the survey, and a large percentage of them answered the different questions about the schools Erasmus+ correctly. You can see the results of the questionnaire at the end of this article.
In conclusion, being in the current situation that we are, the different projects were able to be promoted successfully in various ways. The whole community around the school was able to get involved, demonstrating their knowledge and creating games and questionnaires to promote the projects, creating spaces to share and learn about Europe and the countries we work with. We thank all the students and families on the whole school team for their participation in these atypical Erasmus days. Our European partners were really interested in our activities and they congratulate us on the dissemination we did.
You have a photography selection from that day, as well as the video of the interviews here.

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