COVID-19 standards at school


Dear families and students,
We start the academic year 2020-21 in the middle of the global pandemic due to Covid-19.
Together we are facing an invisible virus that has caused a lot of pain and distress. After months of confinement and uncertainty, our school opens its doors to receive our students and families with the same enthusiasm as for each school year. But it is also true that this enthusiasm of the school’s staff is accompanied by a great prudence and sense of responsibility.
As every year, we are going to learn about a specific value which is shared in all the Vicentian Centres of the Daughters of Charity, our Congregation. This year, and more successful than ever, the value is The Responsabilty.
Responsibility is a value and also a quality of the human being. It is the ability that we all have to respond to our own acts in the care of oneself, society, and in our context, of our school SAFA. It is a positive feature of every person, through which we are able to compromise and act in the right way.
We have ahead of a complicated course, but if we follow the health and safety standards for Covid-19 that we have shared in telematic meetings and/or in face-to-face meetings at the beginning of the course, surely we will be able to enjoy the day-to-day school’s life and we will be able to carry out as many projects as possible to ensure the personalization of learning, the development of multiple intelligences, learning for life with entrepreneurship and personal initiative with all the students.
We need your collaboration so that this, and more, is possible.
Let’s act with Responsibility in and out of school. It is the only way to beat the virus.
Thank you very much to everyone and have a nice and safe course!
Núria Vila i Pladevall




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