One more year, 3rd ESO students have made their final oral presentations about entrepreneurship projects in front of their schoolmates, but in this school year, without families’ in-person attendance. Despite this fact, we would like to share these presentations through the videos you will find attached to the article, so, in this way, families, schoolmates and all the school community will be witnesses to the all the work done by our students in this subject.
At the beginning of the school year, the students were informed of the proposal. They had to think about an innovative idea which could improve people’s lives. Starting from scratch, they invented a product or service and they also had to design a logo, create a slogan, think about everything they would need to make it real, edit a promotional video and design applications or websites. Their effort was shown in their final presentations as they had the chance to show their communicative and digital skills.
We congratulate all the groups because despite the hard difficulties, they managed to keep on working as a team and they have achieved their objective. Our students have overcome their shyness, they are more confident now, autonomous, and they take thier initiative and especially they have kept on improving the oral skills in English. In the attached padlet you will find more oral presentations. We hope you like them.

Videos of all groups

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