From the dragon's blood sprang a rosebush with the reddest roses ever seen. "

As every year on April 23, Sant Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia, arrives with his white horse, his silver armor, his shield and his spear, ready to save the princess and ready to fight the dragon, this year fiercer than ever.

In our school, this year, we didn't leave him alone, as we did in prior years. Because of the strange situation we are living in, but with the same enthusiasm and the same excitement as always, we wanted to celebrate, but we had to do it differently.
The Cicle Mitjà teachers (3rd and 4th grade) quickly agreed that being away from school, friends and classmates, should not be a burden, but quite the opposite, a motivation.
That is why we wanted to take advantage of the different tasks about poetry carried out during the trimester and give them a final push. What better way than to continue with a tradition as rooted in school as is the Literary Contest, this time from home. We invite you to watch this video, where we explained how we did it: Video SANT JORDI

First, we established the bases for participation, as we do every year:
1. The poetry should be written in Catalan, Spanish or English.
2. All Cicle Mitjà students could participate.
3. We started a new category, recited poems, recorded on video, originals or by other authors, taking advantage of new technologies.
4. Of course, there should be a jury, in charge of choosing the winners in each category.
Once that was done, all that was left was to get it up and running. And that's where you, as students, took part of it all, with your poems, videos, excitement and enthusiasm. You have made this celebration not so different from other years. Congratulations!
It is worth mentioning that we received poetry in all formats and that it was difficult to choose the best ones.
Here are the results. Enjoy the work of your classmates:

3rd grade:
Poetry in Catalan: Hèctor Alonso and Gala Laynez
Poetry in Spanish: Alessandro Toro
Poetry recited: Mar Viles
(afegir fotos dels poemes)
4th grade:
Poetry in Catalan: Ainoa López
Poetry in English: Emma Noguerol
Poetry recited: Arnau Alquézar
All that is left, is to thank you for the effort you have made, congratulate both the winners and all the participation. And wish that the next contest we do, we can celebrate it as always, together. Thank you so much for all your extraordinary participations.
Cicle mitjà teachers

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