“Do we work with renewable energy?”

During the month of February, the students of 5th and 6th grade have done the “Do we work with renewable energy?” workshop. This workshop is centred on the cycle’s project “Together for the climate”.

In this workshop they had the opportunity to experiment with different renewable energy: wind power, hydropower, geothermal and solar energy. At the beginning students had to take part in an introductory debate where energy concepts were shared, such as energy sources, greenhouse gases and climate change. Later, in groups, students could manipulate and experiment with four models that simulate different energy sources while learning their function.
To close, students shared their knowledge and reflect on the importance of the use of renewable energies in daily life as well as the savings on CO2 emission.
Renewable energy knowledge and its correlation with the contamination of the atmosphere are promoted through observation and experimentation. Students were conscious of the need to judge some energy consumptions, and they can now apply this knowledge to their daily life.

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