Viatge a Alemanya 2019

Trip to Germany 2019

Trip to Germany 2019

As it is traditional, when Christmas is approaching, some German students have been able to enjoy the exchange with the students of the Schuldorf-Bergstraße School, in order to live more closely and practice the language they are learning.

This year the chosen dates have been from November 30 to December 5, as it is a good opportunity to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of this time, while visiting some of the most significant cities in the area.

In Germany we have been able to visit such charming places as Heidelberg, the small medieval town of Michelstadt, Darmstadt and the city of Frankfurt ... But surely the one they will remember the most will be the beloved Marburg. A small fairytale town with its medieval castle, and its traditional houses full of colors and small details and, specially, the icons that recall the stories of the Grimm brothers, who have lived and studied at the university of this city .

The trip was completed on the last day with a visit to Frankfurt, where we could visit the Filmmuseum, the historic center of the city and enjoy the Christmas market. Now we look forward to the arrival of our exchange partners next April!

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