Erasmus Keeping the Legacy Alive: Grecia

Erasmus Keeping the Legacy Alive: Grecia

At the beginning of this November, three teachers from our school travelled to Greece to continue organizing and preparing the “Keeping the Legacy Alive” project. This was the first Erasmus mobility of this school year of the project. There, they met with the other Erasmus partners from Greece, United Kingdom and Italy. Our teachers had many experiences to get to know their culture, learning and teaching methodologies and their students. They got involved in the children’s daily routines and visits and they got the chance to go to two field trips with them.

Connected with the culture they visited with the children the former Olympic stadium Kallimarmaro (Panathenaic Stadium) and got the chance to visit their museum and seeing the different Olympic torches and posters from all the Olympic Games since 1869. In addition, there, children practice and learned some of the sports that take place in the Games. Our teachers also visit the Parthenon and had the opportunity to live, first-hand, Greece’s ancient history.

During the week they went, with the children, to a contemporary art museum where they did a workshop about creating an art piece with recycling materials. At the school, our teachers experienced a real life art class where they were the students. The art teacher taught them about symmetry and let them create their own watercolor painting based on this technique.

During one of their visits in the school, they met a rowing Olympic winner, one of the children’s father. He had won a silver medal in Beijing 2008 and he explained to the whole school this sport and how does he prepare for an Olympic game, the children could practice rowing with his machine. The winner brought three Olympic torches because he had been a torchbearer for some years.

Throughout the visit, our teachers, along with the other teams, had the chance to compare teaching methodologies focusing on relationships between students and teachers. They also continue preparing the activities for the project and evaluate the past actions.

Our Erasmus team lived first hand the Greek’s culture by having the honor to taste different dishes made by the students’ families. The families were extremely delighted and thankful for their visit.

In all, our teachers experienced the Greek’s culture and people and further their knowledges on Olympic Games and history to know more about the project. They also connected and shared methodologies, curriculum objectives and learning methods. It was a great personal, social and professional experience for our team.

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