Erasmus Days

Erasmus Days

The Safa school hosted The Erasmus Days on the 10th and 11th of October.

The Erasmus Days are two days where students and teachers share with the community the Erasmus projects.

This June we finished two Erasmus projects, in which secondary students were involved. The first one was called “Entrepreneur and Volunteer Citizens”. We were the coordinators, and schools from Italy, Poland, Macedonia and Turkey participated in this project. The project aimed to create opportunities in which students could create and volunteer on social activities for a better world. Students shared exchange experiences and the activities that helped them be better volunteers and entrepreneurs.

The second project was called “Partnership for Bilingual Citizenship Education” and the schools that participated were from Italy and Poland. The project aimed to share and be aware of the multilingual world we live in, connecting with European students that use also two languages to communicate on their lives. Students shared videos and pictures where we could see the bilingual culture and the importance of effective communication.

This year, there are also two projects taking part in Primary. The first done in cicle superior called “Science Olympics”, where students investigate and create activities to further their knowledge in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). Students from cicle superior and 1st of ESO shared their exchanges and science activities done during their visits in Poland and England. They also explained the Science Olympics they did in Poland and England.

The last project in our school is called “Keeping the Legacy Alive” and it’s done in cicle mitjà. Students learn about their own culture, share it with the different schools (in Italy, Greece and England) and learn about other cultures and monuments.

In all, experiences about the exchanges were shared, as well as a delicious snack made by students of the SAFA food truck. We thank everyone that came to learn about our projects, and our students and staff that created a sharing and learning environment for all the community.


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