Both Sharks and Seahorses classes wanted to gift “Iaia Rondalla” with a very beautiful portrait of herself. We have also made a small puppet and have started with Little Red Riding Hood’s activities. Later on, collaborating with other P4 kids, from other schools in Barcelona, we will come up with a story.



Long hours of play, discovery of the environment, sleeping outside home, sharing experiences with #safAmic, living with classmates for two days ... a lot of experiences and experiences that are already part of the magical bank of memories That everybody should look forward to their own and that, of course, brought more excitement and joy to the beginning of the school year of this year.


New school Twitter account: @Safa_Erasmus

This 2017-18 course opens up doors to new Erasmus + projects that will make SAFA a more international school and open to the world.


A terrifying visit

Few weeks ago, some curious and odd creatures visited us! They were so unique and different that, even we explain it to you you wouldn’t believe it! This is why, we have gathered images from them and elaborated a great video to show you everything!

3rd graders classes were occupied by modelling clay monsters, full of jokes and willing to have fun! All monsters had a bright smile and cheerful disposition to commit some pranks.



Since then,  we have been adapting to all of these new changes slowly, but everyday goes through a happy mood.

So that, the Blue Horses and the Yellow Ducks would like to offer you a little piece of our daily school routines  at SAFA. Do you want to see it?


P5 has gone to a camp!

with all our friends of Primary and ESO. We have done many activities and we have had a great time. What we liked the most is to share moments with our SAFAmics, friends from 3rd ESO.

Thank you very much for this experience, we look forward to going back next year!


3rd graders project: Els castellers

It has been weeks of surprises, curiosities, discoveries and unforgettable learning outcomes. We all have learnt about this catalan cultural tradition by working in small groups, cooperative  groups, doing interviews with reporters specializing in castellers and dancing tradicional dances.

But do not think that everything stays in school. We have been able to cross the Atlantic and share with our new friend from Canada, Gabriel, all we have learnt in our project.



They had a great time with the tutors, Cristina and Carles, and their English teacher, Angie, who supervised the Trip Diary they had to do. Living in families, visiting the most beautiful places in the city and seeing one of the best musicals are part of the beautiful memories that they will always have.
Congratulations to all and great luck in the new stage you start!


Stage plays for the little ones!

The youngest students in the school have had the chance to enjoy short traditional theatrical stories in the English language (The musicians of Bremen, The Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, Jack and the beanstalk, Sleeping Beauty) and a piece in Catalan (Patufet). All of them have enjoyed this experience and they have shared their school values and knowledge.


Synthesis Project - June 2017

All the groups have done a synthesis project working on different topics. 1st ESO have dealt  with The Olympic Games issue, 2nd ESO students focused their work on Photography and Cinema and 3rd ESO students have been working on the Creation of a company. Apart from these projects, we have practiced different adventure sports, entertaining activities and even we have had fun in the swimming pool!

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