We learn all together with our teacher and we really enjoy singing, doing ipad activities, and also discovering new letters and numbers…

We have also developed different projects, such as: “My school”, to know better our beloved school, as we like to call it: SAFA.

Through these photos you can see the activities that we’ve done during the year and the final result of the Project: an awesome “Lapbook”.


A weekend with our pet!

Every Friday, a friend was the lucky one to be able to enjoy a weekend with Happy or Fire.

The stuffed dragons have been able to visit the houses and meet the families of all the children of P5 and in return they have given us photographs, drawings and texts to remember that they have had a great time.

Here is a compilation of the experiences that students have shared with their pet.



From the 14th to 18th May, the second meeting of Erasmus + shared with Poland and Italy "PARTNERSHIP FOR BILINGUAL CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION", has taken place in Barcelona.

The objective of the meeting was to exchange good practices and train the project teachers in CLIL ( Content Language Integrated Learning).

Partners of the Italian school OTTAVO CIRCOLO and Poland SMART SCHOOL enjoyed a week in Barcelona full of cultural exchanges, experiences and methodological observations.


Trip to París

We flew from Barcelona to the Charles de Gaulle airport and from there we took a train and a metro to reach the Lycée Albert de Mun, which is in the center of Paris. This is a professional school where students can learn different jobs. It is a vocational training school.

Near the school, there is the church of Sant Vicenç de Paul and the Chapelle de la Medaille Miraculeuse, which we visited along with pilgrims around the world. We noticed that The “Carisma Vicencià” is everywhere.


“Researchers from the Golden Age”: 3th and 4th graders´

The students have discovered important facts of the 16th and 17th centuries so that they could write news about that period. The purpose was to help two important characters, the Merchant of Venice and Don Quixote, who had forgotten relevant anecdotes of their time.


First students’ mobility of the Erasmus+

The first mobility of the Erasmus+ "Entrepreneur & Volunteer Citizens" project, of which SAFA school is the coordinator, took place from 21st to 27th April. Secondary students from Poland, FYROM, Turkey and Italy, accompanied by their teachers, came to SAFA to carry out the entrepreneurial project that this year begins.



The participation of the contest has exceeded the initial expectations: almost 100 photos have been received and all of them have been published on the school's Twitter @Safa_Urgell.

The five categories were: Children (students from P3 to P5), Benjamín (students from 1st to 3rd grade of Primary), Alevín (students from 4th to 6th grade of Primary), Youth (ESO students) and Adults. AMPA gave an FNAC gift cheque and a Saint George‘s rose to the winners of each category.


Project of Creativació 5th

The upper cycle students participate in the Creativation project by developing proposals to improve or change their closest environment, such as the school dining room or the promotion of water savings. In April and coinciding with the World Water Day, 5th grade students have appeared on the Foundation for Creativation website by promoting a good use of water through some videos made by themselves with their iPad .



“Lighthouses” are a series of events that the Apple Company approves for its quality and innovation. In this new edition teachers and directive boards from different schools around Catalonia were able to learn about the project the school has carried out with the iPads since the 2014-2015 course. Attendees were able to see how these devices are integrated into daily routines and how they help to achieve a methodological change.

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