On Saturday 13th of January our school, SAFA, hosted an Oxford seminar focused on the Bright Futures project. 

Thus, the school's English team was able to share experiences regarding this new integrative methodology. Thanks to this proposal, pre-primary pupils acquire the English language in a natural, functional, communicative and fun way.

Bright Futures includes three blocks: Daisy, Robin and me; Little Scientists; and, Phonics. The first, draws children's attention to the English language through songs, stories, multiple intelligences, cross-curricular units, arts & crafts projects ... to create a rich and immersive learning environment. Little Scientists allows students to experience in class aspects, objects and elements of the world around them. So, this is their first contact with CLIL learning, because they participate and use English as a means of communication. Finally, Phonics is a method to introduce literacy by developing the phonological awareness of the student. That is, the ability to hear, identify and manipulate sounds in such a way that you can understand the correspondence between phonemes and graphemes.

This Oxford seminar has enriched the English team with new ideas. In this way, the Phonics methodology may also be directed to the primary stage. And so get a continuous learning throughout schooling concerning the English language.