Dear families,

From Arts and Crafts we want to share with you all that took place in some of our classrooms during Halloween.

Few weeks ago, some curious and odd creatures visited us! They were so unique and different that, even we explain it to you you wouldn’t believe it! This is why, we have gathered images from them and elaborated a great video to show you everything!

3rd graders classes were occupied by modelling clay monsters, full of jokes and willing to have fun! All monsters had a bright smile and cheerful disposition to commit some pranks.

Click on the link to see all these crazy characters elaborated by 3rd traders and, furthermore, each student designed and elaborated a unique setting for each monster. All the monsters and their backgrounds are amazing! Don’t forget to have a look!

But not only visited 3rd graders classes.. they also visited 6th graders to become the stars of their Stop Motions, which were elaborated through their iPads. Even though it seems unbelievable, these little monsters wanted to be seen for everyone! At the end of this newsletter you could see the link that will able you to see these creations. Neither the best directors nor screenwriters would be so creative. Enjoy the clip, all of there little monsters were born to be a big star!

On the other hand, in 4rt and 5th graders classes scary mummies have visited their classes and have turned them into really scary ones! Our little archaeologists and sculptors from 4th have created a group of mummies with whom, afterwards, 5th students have created some spooky collages by using a new app in their iPads. Don’t be afraid about those creatures and their pictures! Have a peep and discover what 4th and 5rh graders have done!

Now you know that anytime a monster could appear in your house… be prepared!

Monsters and Mummies:

Stop Motion:

Arts and Crafts teachers