This week we inaugurate a new Twitter account that will allow us to share with you all the news and the international projects of the school.

This 2017-18 course opens up doors to new Erasmus + projects that will make SAFA a more international school and open to the world.

We start the Erasmus + K2 project "Entrepreneur & Volunteer Citizens" as a coordinating school and shared with Macedonia, Italy, Poland and Turkey. It is a social entrepreneurship project in which all students will participate but those in secondary will be the protagonists; they will develop their communicative and personal initiative skills.

We also collaborate on another Erasmus + K2, "Partnership for bilingual citizenship education", with Poland and Italy, in which 5th and 6th grader will have to work on a common project.

Finally, we start a new eTwinning project, "Taste of cultures", where ESO students will discover the traditions of other cultures through collaborative work with schools in Turkey and Germany.

We look forward to seeing you soon on Twitter,

A warm welcome to everyone!