Iniciamos los proyectos Erasmus + KA2: “Partnership for Bilingual Citizenship Education” y “Entrepreneur & Volunteer Citizens”.

During the months of November and December, the first transnational meetings of the two Erasmus + projects in which the school participates: "Partnership for Bilingual Citizenship Education" and "Entrepreneur & Volunteer Citizens" took place.

At the end of November, teachers from our school traveled to Zamosc, Poland, where they met with Polish coordinators and Italian partners. The meeting, held at the Smart School, allowed to exchange pedagogical experiences among the participants and agreed on the objectives of the "Partnership for Bilingual Citizenship Education" project that will be carried out during the second term.

On December 11th, 12th and 13th, our school, as coordinator of the Erasmus + "Entrepreneur & Volunteer Citizens" project, hosted the collaborating teachers from Italy, Poland, Macedonia and Turkey. As part of the project, which will begin in January and will last for two years, students will learn about the culture and historical heritage of these countries and develop their communicative skills, social entrepreneurship and personal initiative.

We begin so with the Erasmus + KA2 projects with the aim of improving language teaching and learning and promoting the linguistic diversity of the EU and the intercultural awareness of our students.